Electrical & Electronics Engineering department is committed to impart high degree of technical education to the students. This course is based on a generalized and integrated approach.

Department has adequate laboratory facilities for conducting the experimental work related to the theory. The entire laboratories have enough equipment, even to teach beyond the syllabus.

Department tries to facilitate the students to undergo for industrial training of their choice to understand the practical needs of the industries. In the end of their degree course, the students are assigned with seminars, minor and major projects. Students are encouraged to carry out R & D work which includes design, fabrication and testing of subsystems as well as complete system.

The work is always supervised by the experienced faculty members, progressively. Students are encouraged to exercise their research practically. Faculty members of the department are engaged in many R & D works on the recent trends; such as renewable energy, power system, derives, power electronics, fault diagnostic techniques, etc.

Many of the faculty members have published their research in the international/national journals and also presented their papers in the seminars/conferences.

Training Programme on PLC & SCADA

Every year department organizes training program as per Industry requirements. The department organized an Industry oriented six month training programme on PLC/SCADA. This training programme was conducted by T.R. THERMO Pvt. Ltd,Noida .Higly qualified and experienced trainers from the Industry trained the students.

Both Theory and Practical exposure was given to students during the training on industry used kits.This training enhanced their technical skills to make them easily employable. Most of the students from the department got placed in industry after the training..

Electrical & Electronics Engg.